Bisqwit's Japanese language related tools

Recently I've been playing a lot with Japanese. Here are some tools I've made.
Dictionary (eng-jap, jap-eng, kanji+kana+romaji). Applicable also for kanji to romaji -conversions. Based on EDICT. Sources available.

Kanji search utility - Detailed information about kanji and several search methods. Based on Jim Breen's kanjidic. Sources available.

Japanese verbs and adjectives conjugator.

Japanese verbs and adjectives deconjugator.

Romaji to hiragana converter- converts romaji to hiragana. Better quality and elegant sourcecode.

Common japanese names - list

English converter - transliterates (does not translate!) English text into romaji, hiragana and katakana. Source code available.

Converter - converts ascii text into hiragana and katakana, trying to preserve Finnish pronounciation in case of misromaji. This was my first Japanese related computer program.

KAKASI web frontend -Converts japanese web pages between romaji/kana/kanji.

KAKASI web frontend2 -Many things similar to kakasifilt.

Unicode character display utility -Useful for listing and copypasting arbitrary characters and symbols.

Other pages, in Finnish and in English:
See also: Free multilingual dictionary